How to Install Our Kadence Child themes. Perhaps you’re not a web developer or you just don’t know how to install a child theme. Follow this easy to follow step-by-step guide on how to install a Kadence child theme. You could end up with a responsive leightweight layout in under 10 minutes.

Before installing any of our child themes ensure you have a new install of WordPress on your host. Note: if you install this onto an existing WordPress website, you could easily overwrite all lose all your data and content! 

Step 1: Install the Kadence Theme.

Go into the admin panel and click on ‘Appearance’ and then ‘Themes’.  In the top left click the button ‘Add New’ and type ‘Kadence’ in the search bar. Select ‘Kadence’ only and click install. Once done DO NOT activate it!

Install the Kadence Theme

Step 2: Sign up to Kadence Pro

Sign up for a yearly Kadence Pro membership here. Navigate to ‘Product Downloads’ and download these plugins

Download and Install the Necessary Plugins

  • Kadence blocks
  • Kadence blocks pro
  • Kadence pro plugin
  • Kadence starter templatesthis can be found by going to plugins > add new 
Install the Starter Templates by Kadence

Go back to your WordPress admin panel, click on – plugins > add new > and upload them from your local download folder. Once uploaded you will get a message to activate them. Activate each one by adding your email address and API key

Sign up to Kadence Pro Membership

We can set up and install the plugins:

If you cannot install the plugins we can do this for you. Login into your account and navigate to dashboard. Click on ‘Licence Keys’ and send us the API key. It would look something like this: 


Install your Child Theme

Now the fun part Begins! Let’s add your child theme. This time you are going to upload the beautiful theme you purchased from us. 

Go back to the admin panel – click on ‘Appearance’ and then ‘Themes’. Upload the theme you purchased from us. Open the theme and ACTIVATE it. Do not activate the Kadence them you installed at the beginning. It must remain in the themes folder for our child theme to work.

Choose the Child Theme

Import the demo content

On the left of the admin panel you’ll see a plugin called ‘Starter Templates’ under ‘Kadence’ Click on this and you’ll see our child theme. If your plugins are grayed out and active you can click on ‘START IMPORTING

Start Importing our Demo Content

If any plugins are not active you simply go back to plugins and activate them. Then go back to ‘start importing’ There is no need to enableDelete Previously Imported Posts’ as it’s a new website!

For WordPress websites with existing pages, posts etc.

DO NOT ENABLE – ‘Delete Previously Imported Posts and Images’ unless you want to delete all your old media, posts etc. 

However we recommend installing the Demo content on a fresh WordPress website. It is possible to install the demo content on older sites and keep your old content by not enabling this button. However, it’s also possible to lose it so BACK UP your old website first!

Complete! Go and Celebrate!

Your website should look exactly like our demo. Now the real fun begins. Turn it into your own site!

Can you install the Theme for me?

Absolutely. We can help by installing the theme for you. Our team of experts will handle all the technical stuff so that you can focus on what really matters – creating your content!

Learn more about our theme installation and prices


If you purchase Kadence from any of the links in this post, I earn a small percentage at no extra cost to you. However, I highly recommend Kadence because I use them on my own websites.

**We are not a part of the Kadence website or Kadence group. Kadence is a trademark of KADENCE WP. Quite simply, we love building WordPress websites built with their products.**